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Outsourcing Product Development To A Contract Manufacturer

Edit: Shanghai Biopharmaleader Co.,Ltd    Date: Feb 23, 2017

We are the leading manufacturer & exporter of a broad ranger of Pharmaceutical Intermediate which are extensively used in various pharmaceutical companies & research laboratories. Using high quality chemicals these intermediates are manufactured which ensure efficacy and no side effect on human health. We offer standard as well as customized packaging on these products to exactly meet the users requirements specifications.Provide pharmaceutical companies with the flexibility to evaluate Pharmaceutical Intermediate and active pharmaceutical ingedients with a small investment. As an established contract manufacturer of these products, its customers include some of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies.Use the control system to operate a flexible manufacturing system that produces Pharmaceutical Intermediate and active pharmaceutical ingredients.

Shanghai Biopharmaleader Co.,Ltd is a young and innovative company specializing in the design and synthesis of organic compounds for pharmaceutical, medicinal chemistry, biotechnology, drug discovery industries and world's top universities.

We specialize in complex, multi-stage custom synthesis and process research. We are capable of supplying mg to multiple-ton quantities of key pharmaceutical intermediates and Bioactive Molecules, pre-clinical and high-throughput screening compounds, analogues, building blocks.

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