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Pharmaceutical Intermediates

Shanghai Biopharmaleader Co.,Ltd | Updated: Feb 20, 2017

Biopharmaleader has long been a supplier of Pharmaceutical Intermediate, the complex chemical compounds that are the building blocks used in producing APIs. Faced with significant economic pressures as well as ever-increasing regulatory barriers, innovative drug companies look to Biopharmaleader as a source for high quality intermediates. Biopharmaleader employs, on occasion, the same second source strategy for our pharmaceutical intermediates business that we use in our API business. As manufacturers find their margins under pressure, they continue to look for ways to reduce costs. Utilizing our global sourcing regulatory support and quality assurance network, Biopharmaleader works with the large and small pharmaceutical companies, sourcing lower cost, quality Pharmaceutical Intermediate that meet the same high level standards adhered to by their current commercial products.

Shanghai Biopharmaleader Co.,Ltd is a young and innovative company specializing in the design and synthesis of organic compounds for pharmaceutical, medicinal chemistry, biotechnology, drug discovery industries and world's top universities.

We specialize in complex, multi-stage custom synthesis and process research. We are capable of supplying mg to multiple-ton quantities of key pharmaceutical intermediates and Bioactive Molecules, pre-clinical and high-throughput screening compounds, analogues, building blocks.

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